M30S – The “Plug&Mix” vertical mixer

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A brand new vertical mixer for your Total Mixed Ration. A further improved design and a “Plug&Play” conception.

One single unit, all-in and ready to use! This new mixer is compact, efficient and energy-saving.

Want more?

  • Made of Canadian steel 44W
  • Equiped with a Hardox auger
  • Its tub is covered with a stainless steel liner
  • High efficiency Direct Drive motor
  • An enclosed PTO, lubrication-free
  • A Heavy Duty planetary
  • All-in, standard: Scale, loadcells, control panel, 4 knives, door electric cylinder, restrictor plates and adjustable legs!

A multifonction mixer: straw, reserve, TMR… It can do it!

More performances and less maintenance! The M30S vertical mixer will become your day-to-day ally for an unmatched TMR.

Technical Drawings


Technical Specs


From 235 pi3 (6.7m3) to 278pi3 (7.9m3) with 10" (25.4cm) rubber extension

Rubber extension

    A 10" (25.4cm) extension is available as an option
    The extension is included in the 30HP motorization option


    High efficiency Direct Drive motor with variable speed
    20 HP as standard, 30HP as an option
    Left, right or back motorization

Control panel and Drive

    Manual panel 20HP or 30HP
    Drive control up to 4 speed motor for auger rotations


Heavy Duty planetary


Enclosed PTO, lubrication free

Scale and loadcells

DINAMICA or DIGISTAR balance and 4 loadcells, up to 10 000Lbs (4535 Kg)

Discharge door

    The discharge door is controlled by an electric cylinder
    1500Lbs (680Kg) torque with Amp management


    Canadian Steel 44W - 1/2" (12 mm) thick tub floor and 1/4" (6mm) for the walls
    Hardox auger


4 knives and 4 strongback included

Dimensions without extension

126"1/2 X 99" X 95"  (321.5 cm X 260.2 cm X 241.3 cm)

Weight without extension

5500 Lbs (2495 Kg)