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Discover Rovibec Agrisolutions, from 1976 to nowadays.
Victor Rousseau Rovibec Agrisolutions

ROVIBEC was founded in 1976 by Victor Rousseau.
Victor was a dairy farmer. He couldn't find solutions to his needs on the market. So he implemented his own ideas to simplify the day-to-day work of other producers.
That's how RO (Rousseau) VI (Victor) BEC (Quebec) was born!

The first ROVIBEC plant is built in Ste-Monique (Qc), at a stone's throw from Victor Rousseau's house.

Supermix Rovibec Agrisolutions

First export in Europe with the SUPERMIX trolley.
Marketing of ROV, the first fully automated mineral and concentrate distribution device.

Mélangeur RTM 307 automatisé 1991 Rovibec Agrisolutions

Launch of the DEC rail feeding robot, an automated silage and concentrate distributor.

CIMG 5647 Rovibec Agrisolutions

Manufacturing of the first vertical mixers for TMR.

The company, in full expansion, installs part of its production in an industrial building in Wickham.

Usine Rovibec Agrisolutions Nicolet

Installation of ROVIBEC in its current premises in Nicolet (Qc).
Victor's son, Martin, takes over at the head of the company. Victor remains very present and continues to keep a close watch.
Launch of ROVER, a fully autonomous robot, on wheels and guided by an electric rail system.

Ranger Rovibec

Launch of the RANGER, a feed pusher robot. The RANGER meets a great success that does not fail till today!

Partnership with SUPREME INTERNATIONAL LTD (Alberta) for the distribution and production of high capacity vertical mixers.
Partnership with BOUMATIC for the distribution of the RANGER.

Machinerie agricole Rovibec

Launch of the Commercial RANGER, a HD version of the RANGER, especially for large farms.

Machinerie agricole Rovibec Agrisolutions

Launch of the first Direct drive vertical mixers "PLUG & MIX"

Les 3 générations - Rovibec Agrisolutions

Alexandra Rousseau, Victor's granddaughter, joins the company. We are now in the third generation of the Rousseau family!

Our Values

Throughout its history, ROVIBEC is based on well-defined values that guide our actions in the short and long term. Each of the company's employees strives to apply them in their daily work. Together, we are a strong team and working towards the same goal!
  • Icône Innovation - Rovibec Agrisolutions Innovation
  • Icône Vigueur - Rovibec Agrisolutions Vigour
  • Icône Rigueur - Rovibec Agrisolutions Rigour
  • Icône Engagement - Rovibec Agrisolutions Engagement
Ranger Rovibec Agrisolutions