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ROVER Feeding robot

ROVER Feeding robot ROVER Feeding robot ROVER Feeding robot ROVER Feeding robot ROVER Feeding robot



The ROVER is a completely autonomous feeding robot of 120 cu.ft. (3.4m3).

Why a feeding robot? Because it is capable of loading, mixing and of course distributing food to your animals without any human intervention!
Prepare up to 1000 Kg (2200 Lbs) Total Mixed Ration fully automated? Distribute your recipe to you animals in a precise and consistent way?

24/7 – You can count on your ROVER!

Fast and efficient, this feeding robot also pushes food back.

The ROVER will therefore allow you to manage your feeding in an automated way for your different groups of animals, even when feeding several times a day! The advantage of the feeding robot is to feed animals with a fresh and adapted recipe more frequently. This food management aims to optimize herd health and productivity – while reducing associated labour.

  • 2 wear-resistant (Hardox) augers that can mix dry hay*
  • Stainless steel liner in the tub, for greater durability
  • Power supply via an conductor rail (240 or 380 V) that also guides the robot
  • Four-wheel steering driven by hydraulic power
  • 2-sided discharge conveyor
  • Variable forward and discharge speed
  • An integrated management software for your parks and recipes: up to 16 departures, 16 recipes and 32 ingredients
  • A 2-years-warranty (parts and labour) as an option

*strong and dry fibrous Hay, quantity recommended – between 1 and 2 kg /cow /day.

Technical Drawings


Technical Specs

Power supply

Power supply 240 VAC 60 Amp via a suspended 3-bars multi-conductor rail


120 ft3 (3.4m3), mix capacity up to 1000 Kg (2200 Lbs)

Traction and motorization

    Hydraulic all-wheel-drive, power steering and self-guided traction, 1 motor by wheel
    • 5 HP (3.7Kw) hydraulic motor pump
    7 ½ HP ( 5.5Kw) motor for the double auger mixer


Variable and programmable up to 40 pi/min (0.2 m/s)


    2 abrasion-resistant steel augers (Hardox)
    Variable speed up to 50 RPM
    • 4 knives per auger


4 loadcells


    Urethan belt conveyor
    2-sided discharge
    Variable speed


Tubular rigid steel frame 2" X 5" X 3/16" (5 cm X 12.7 cm X 4.7 cm)


    3/8" (95mm) thick for the floor and 3/16" (47mm) for the walls
    Stainless steel liner in the tub


    • Via a 5.75 po (146 mm) colour touch-screen, Wi-Fi compatible
    Up to 16 departures, 16 recipes and 32 ingrédients


Emergency stop impact bar

Alley dimensions

    • 8,5 pieds (2.6 m) minimum
    2-sided discharge: 12 feet (3.65 m)
    U-turn: 16 feet (5 m)

Dimensions (L X l X H) without arm

150 3/4" X 60 5/64" X 68 7/16" (383 cm X 152.6 cm X 173.8 cm)

Arm height

    Minimum 90" (2.29 m)
    Recommended 96" (2.4 m)
    Maximum 120" (3.05 m)


4400 Lbs (2000 Kg)