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RANGER Feed Pusher

RANGER – Feed Pusher RANGER – Feed Pusher RANGER – Feed Pusher



  • Self-guided robot replaces the ration multiple times a day
  • Simple, efficient and reliable thanks to the ground-inserted magnet strip
  • Full consumption of ration Increases milk according to Journal of Animal Science
  • Automaticaly adapts the food pushing distance to the curb, without programation
  • No Risk of loss of control
  • Motorized rotating skirt increases pushing efficiencies
  • Low maintenance

Technical Drawings

RANGER <small>Feed Pusher</small>

Technical Specs


Electric 24 VDC


4 X 60 amp/hrs - 12 VDC AGM battery


Automatic charger using 24VDC - 15 AMP operating on 120/240 VAC. Multiple charging locations available as an option


2 X ½ HP (375 W) Electric motor (1 per wheel)


40 ft/min (0.2 m/s)

Rotating Skirt

3 rpm -  independent 0.4 HP (300 W)

Operating ratio – Charging / Run time


Max running time

1h - 2400 ft (730 m)

Nbr of Start

Up to 40

Path option

Closed circuit, Open, possibility of junctions

Guiding system

1/8in X 1/2in (3,2 mm X 12,7 mm) magnetic strip inserted into grooved floor

Manual mode

User friendly Remote Control


1135 Lbs (515 kg)

Pushing force

400 Lbs (180 kg)

Distance to the curb

Adjustable distance, up to 18in (46cm)


Powder coated paint

Cover and shield

304  Stainless steel

Minimum turning radius

12 in (30 cm)


Temporary stop on collision


24 volts electrifier

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