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Rover MVR

Rover MVR



  • Fast and efficient self-propelled 120 cu.ft. (3.4.m3) cattle robot feeder completely autonomous
  • Mix and distributes TMR and process dry hay* using 2 augers with knives
  • Four-wheel steering driven by hydraulic power
  • Feeds up to 300 animals without human intervention in free or tie stalls housing
  • Measures, prepares and distributes TMR (possibility up to 16 groups) using software ROV4000
  • Safe and Reliable power supply of 240 volts via a lightweight tri-conductors
  • Equipped with a feed pusher in both direction

strong and dry fibrous Hay recommended – amount between 1 and 2 kg / cow / day max.

Technical Drawings

Rover MVR

Technical Specs


AWD hydraulic motor (1 per wheel)

Power output of the hydraulic pump

3 HP (2.2Kw)

Mixer motor power (HP)

7 ½ HP ( 5.5Kw)

Rotation speed of Augers

Variable up to 50 RPM

Driving system

Self-guided hydraulic powered

Weighing system

4 X 2,500 Lbs capacity load cells

Mixing Capacity

120 cu.ft. (3.4 m3)


2 sides hydraulic programmable variable speed Conveyor belt

Empty weight

3,500 Lbs (1,590 Kg)


Rigid tubular steel ( 2’’ X 5’’ X 3/16’’)


3/16’’ sides and 3/8’’ bottom plate


240 VAC - 60 Amp. – via a 3 bar multiconductor

Turning Radius

60 in (1.5 m)


Protective bars stopping on impact


Variable and programmable up to 40 ft/min (0.2 m/s)


ROV 4000 (16 starts – 16 recepies – 32 ingredients)


5,7 inch Color touch screen


Wi-Fi compatible with any WEB browser

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