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Vertical Mixer MV6

Vertical Mixer MV6 Vertical Mixer MV6 Vertical Mixer MV6 Vertical Mixer MV6



The Total Mixed Ration (TMR) is a very popular feeding approach for herds. It turns out that it is a wise choice in terms of profitability but also efficiency.

But beware! Its composition must be adequate and the mixt supplied to the animals must be as homogeneous as possible. A good TMR must be the same from the first to the last beast!

Choosing the right vertical mixer for your Total Mixed Ration is crucial!

Mixing capacity adapted to the herd size, efficient knives that respect the fibre, optimized mixing time…  in order to obtain a uniform fibre length and avoid “sorting” and especially keep all the nutritional values of the recipe!

  • Our TMR mixer offer a clean cut operation and provides an homogeneous mix for a good quality TMR
  • Designed to cut round or square bales – MV4 model for two round bales and MV6 for three round bales*
  • Knives made out of 63RC profiled hardened steel, or even tungsten or carbide knives available as an option
  • Versatile unit with variable speed that provides an economy of time up to 25%**
  • Safety features included

Our vertical mixers are versatile and offer a variable rotation speed that saves up to 25% time*

Finally, our vertical mixers are available in mobile or stationary versions to suit your needs.

** may vary up to 30 to 45 minutes depending on the desired fiber length and type of hay and/or straw.
* Considering the usual bale size.

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