Dairy farming and innovation

Innovation is in Rovibec ADN

Rovibec was founded in 1976 because Victor Rousseau was thinking innovation. Because he wanted to bring his simple and reliable solutions to other dairy farmers.

Nearly 50 years later, the company is sticking to this concept and is striving to bring innovation into farms.

The ambassador of this innovation is our RANGER feed pusher, which founds its place in more than 1500 farms around the world.

The basic concept is simple: make producers gain time. Have a robot that would do a physically demanding task that has to be performed several times a day.

The feed pusher needed to be simple to use and more than anything reliable!

Easy to say but hard to realize. That’s the challenge that our Research & development team managed!


Your success is our reward

We are proud to know that we are helping thousands of producers, every day, with our innovations.

We are happy to collaborate to your goals, to your success.

Here is one of our latest customer’s successes, the one of Matthew and Kerri Howrigan at Black Creek Farm, located in Fairfield, Vt.

They are one of the numerous dairy producer to chose our feed pusher.

Matthew and Kerry were accompanied by Dick Soule refrigeration team. This is also their success!

Read their success story here in an article by Karen Bonhert in the Dairy Herd Management.


Rovibec ranger feed pusher black creek farms
credit: Karen Bohnert – Dairy Herd Management