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Chain Conveyor

Chain Conveyor Chain Conveyor Chain Conveyor Chain Conveyor Chain Conveyor Chain Conveyor



The ideal chain conveyor to efficiently transport your TMR from your mixer.

  • Simple design for a minimum maintenance
  • Entirely made of galvanized steel
  • 2-years parts and labor warranty available as an option
  • Multiple dimensions available to fit all needs
  • Chains mounted on UHMW brackets – reduces noise and lengthens service life
  • Several options available:
    •  cover
    • drive unit cover
    • loading and unloading hopper
    • fixed or adjustable joint

Technical Drawings

Chain Conveyor - side viewChain Conveyor - top view

Technical Specs


Length of 1 (0.30 m), 2 (0.60 m), 4 (1.22 m) and 8 (2.43 m) feet


Motor 2HP or 3HP (240 volts 60 Hz or 600 volt 60 Hz)

Curved section

Upward or downward adjustable joint - from 0 to 35 degrees Fixed joint - upwards - 35 degrees

Drive mechanism

Gearbox 10:1 or 15:1 (2HP, 3HP ou 5HP)

Drive unit dimension

49" (124.5 cm)

Base unit dimension

23.9" (60.7 cm)

Drive mechanism dimension

72" (183 cm)


662H chain


Available in 18" (45.7 cm) and 24" (60.9 cm)

Maximal Length

140 feet (42.7m)*

Maximal anle of installation

Angle of 45 degrees*

Maximal distance between supports

8 feet (2.43 m)*

*These values could vary according to the configuration (rise, motor...) and other technical specifications.

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